Maydan is an online publication of Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University, offering  expert analysis on a wide variety of issues in the field of Islamic Studies for academic and public audiences alike, and serving as a resource hub and a platform for informed conversation, featuring original articles and visual media from diverse perspectives.

Maydan’s many resources include: journal roundups that cover over ninety English language journals, book displays which showcases current research by both established and emerging scholars, weekly media roundups including some of the most thought-provoking news items on issues around Islam, religion and public-life, a mapped database of graduate degree programs in Islamic and Middle East studies, a database of scholarship, fellowship, and job opportunities in Middle East studies, an informational database of summer language programs for Middle East languages, a digital resources archive for Islamic studies, and finally a “What You Should Read” series that introduces readers to prominent issues, movements, and themes in Middle East and Islamic studies.