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This Secondary Education Module is a vital part of the Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative, providing those teaching grades 6-12 and community college with curriculum content, selected scholarship, and pedagogical resources. The project draws its importance from the fact that secondary education settings provide many students with the most extensive and sometimes the only exposure to content on these regions and people. These lasting impressions follow them into citizenship, further education, and careers. The purpose of this initiative is to support secondary-level educators in their efforts to teach about the Middle East and North Africa with resources that reflect current scholarship and incorporate updated frameworks for teaching world history, regional studies, and global studies.

 This initiative places the region within a global context and curates content so materials can be incorporated readily into world geography, world history, U.S. history, and elective courses such as regional studies, global perspectives, and current issues.

 In addition to topic-specific content, this pedagogical initiative engages structural and policy issues that affect global education, such as academic standards, testing, and textbooks. We invite educators to engage with the site, ask questions, provide feedback on the content and curriculum materials posted on the Secondary Education Module, and suggest excellent content for consideration. We hope you will browse this module and the MESPI site as a whole, contribute, and make it a resource you rely on to support your teaching.

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Specific to secondary (grades 6-12) teaching materials

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Relevant to teachers, focusing on the MENA region, Islam and Muslim societies



High school Elective on Middle East Studies

MESPI Editors

THE SUNNI AND THE SHIA (coming soon)

MESPI Editors 




featured Scholarship

“The Two World Histories”

By: Ross E. Dunn, Social Education 72(5), pp 257–263, 2008 National Council for the Social Studies.

“Teaching About Religion in the Public School Classroom”

By: Susan L. Douglass, Charles C. Haynes, ed. Chapter 15, “Teaching About Islam” (National Council for the Social Studies, Bulletin 115, 2019)


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