The 2019 Pedagogy JadMag is a wide-ranging, deeply substantive, and thoughtfully curated issue that will be of great interest to faculty, students, independent scholars and researchers, and general readers alike. It features exciting original content, including articles from Nadia Yaqub and Lara Deeb on strategies for teaching on and about the Middle East, an interview with Lila Abu Lughod on the politics of teaching and writing about gender and Islam, and a roundtable on teaching the Middle East after the Arab uprisings. This issue also includes some of the best resources from the Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative (MESPI), including Essential Readings, Engaging Books, NEWTONs, and Peer-Reviewed Article Review (PRAR) Bouquets.

Since the autumn of 2018, Jadmag has been published as a seasonal subscription-based magazine in both hard-copy and electronic formats. The cultivation of a steady readership will enable the JadMag team to produce a wide-ranging and an even more intellectually stimulating publication.

These magazines are be released twice a year, in addition to a third issue that will be specifically geared toward pedagogy on issues pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa. A fourth issue will be included in all subscriptions, and it can be any of our already published theme issues on Each JadMag will feature diverse content and offer unique articles or interviews that will not be found on Jadaliyya at the time of publication. Coupling timely content with the addition of essential readings lists, reviews of new books and scholarly articles, and topical pieces from Jadaliyya’s celebrated archives allows the JadMag project more ambitiously to function as a knowledge producer, a near-comprehensive source of analysis on the region, and a pedagogical resource par excellence.


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JADMAG Issue 7.2: Pedagogy 2019